Team Building

“I have been attending many team building programs at the beaches, highlands, and cities, however the excitement of team building event in rainforest is beyond comparable…” The Participant, CST


If you believe, the importance of changing from “I” culture toward “We” culture, team building is the answer. The highly effective teams leverage the organizational strengths to offset the business challenges.


Types of Team Building

We have 2 types of team building program in Taman Negara, Sungai Relau. They are:


Type 1 - Lead by Professional Trainer Team Building Program

In this program, our professional trainers shall take charge from start to end of the program. They will facilitate your team experiential learning through indoor and outdoor activities. At the end of each session, they will reflect your learning experience through debriefing (normally takes 15-30 minutes).

The principle modules of the program are based on 8 pillars. They are: -

  • Self & Team Awareness
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Team Performance

Ice Breaking GamesTeam FormationwarcryShip BuildingSelf ValueHuman ChairDomino ChallengeBuilding the bridgeBallon EggHoola hoopChannelBatton Pass

The modules are designed and delivered by experienced team building consultants of a reputable team building company – Central Strategic Teambuilders.


Type 2 - Outdoor Activities Team Building Program

This is an outdoor activities based team building program. Our event manager shall facilitate your team to experience and enjoy the outdoor activities. Among the popular team outdoor activities in Taman Negara Sungai Relau are: -

  • 4WD Night Safari
  • Abseiling
  • ATV
  • Canoeing
  • Caving
  • Jungle Paintball
  • Kelah Fish Feeding
  • Mount Tahan Climbing
  • Night Jungle Walk
  • Trekking at Palas & Interpretive Trails

The learning experiences through the above activities create team awareness, enhance team bonding and increase teamwork and effective communication.

The combinations of adventurous and fun activities are the key to achieve the highest impact of your Team Building objective, thus, company’s productivity and profitability increase.

Team building in Taman Negara is popular among corporate offices, government departments, NGOs and universities.

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