Caving Paradise

“Explore the 300 million years caves paradise. Unfold the secrets of the flora and fauna at the largest caving system in South East Asia, or maybe one of the largest in the world…”


If you like caving and nature exploration activities, do not miss any opportunity to explore caves in Taman Negara, Sungai Relau and Merapoh. There are 500 limestone outcrops in Merapoh, which are well known as caves paradise among the enthusiasts. In your explorations, you will witness the amazing creations of flora & fauna in the caves.

Until today, there are 85 caves had been explored and 415 of them underway to be explored or little known.  For cavers, Merapoh cave carries the attractions of the unknown and thrill of discovery.

Experience and enjoy the intricate world of limestone caves. You may have to stride through waist-high water, crawl, and scale up rocky walls and waterfalls. You will be in a large underground chamber filled with dangling stalactites and decorated with colorful, intricate calcite deposits. 

A few caves have been identified and open to public for exploration and recreational activities. However, the participants are advised to ensure they are healthy and fit to participate in any cave expeditions. And activities are to be carried out with the present of professional nature guide from MNGA (Merapoh Nature Guide Association).

Caving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving Paradise

Among those caves are: -


Gua Hari Malaysia

It was known as Gua Padang Kawad. The name was associated with the existence of communist camp and field nearby the caves during the Japanese invasion of Tanah Melayu.  The communist army for their parade area used the field. Thus, local people recognized the cave as Gua Padang Kawad (Parade Field Cave)

The cave is renamed after rediscovered a group of cavers on 16 September 2012. The date is synonym with the birth of Malaysia thus; they named the cave as Gua Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day Cave).

The cave is unique with estimated 930m long stream that you need to go through to reach the ends.  You need to crawl in crystal clear and cold water at the some point of the cave. There are also 5 cascades waterfalls with 5 – 10 meter height which you can enjoy the climbing and abseiling along your journey.

This is one of the favorite caves for tourists on their trip to the Merapoh Caves Paradise.  To reach the cave, you need 30 – 45 minutes jungle and river trekking from the 4WD drop off point.


Gua Jinjang Pelamin 

The original name was Gua Harimau but has been changed to a commercial name as Gua Jinjang Pelamin.  According to local people, they had seen the tiger’s fresh steps just crossed a head of them. The unique of this caves can bee seen on the pattern of tiger stripes on the wall caves.  According to local people, until today, the wild animals still using this caves as their hiding place.

The exploration begins with 10 – 15 minutes trekking pass by villager plantation. To reach the cave entrance, you need to climb the roots and through the slippery rock surface.  Once you are in the cave, you will immediately see the various unique and nice cave formations, flow stones, stalactite and stalagmite.

This cave is a shelter for flora and fauna. There are creatures such as fish, spiders, scorpion, fungus and a lot more.  The iconic of this cave is, the giant of it twin columns. To get in there, you need to swim across estimated 3m, wide stream.

At the end of your cave exploration, abseiling is the exciting option for you to exit from this caves.


Gua Tahi Bintang

There are many spots on the caves of the walls are similar in nature of asteroid formation, in Bahasa Malaysia, this is called it as tahi bintang.  If you are visiting for the first time, you will be astonished seeing these beauties.  The good news, this is an easy type of cave to explore. You just need to walk around the caves to enjoy the beauty. However, you need to cross the river to reach in the cave.


Gua Air Mata Dayang

It is well known tale about a young girl named Dayang who was carrying because the cave was not named after her name. Her name was given to this cave after her death.  However, there is no evident to confirm the story.


Gua Tagang

This is one of the toughest caves, which require your physical strength because most of the times you need to walk with the assist of rope.  In order to reach the peak, you need some skills in using the rope and failing to use the rope properly expose you at risk of falling.


Gua Katak

This cave is a popular for habitat of many types of frogs. You shall find the species in many sizes and color. You will spot them in almost everywhere during your exploration in Gua Katak.


Caving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving ParadiseCaving Paradise