JustExplore is established by two young men who are passionate about exploring, the beauty nature. They love jungle, mountains, caves, rivers, wildlife and the real tropical life. They are; Mohd Rizal and Azrul Shahmi (JEPP). They graduated from University Technology MARA and University Teknologi Malaysia respectively.

Their interest begins while they are studying at the university. They are actively involved and taking part in many exploration activities conducted by the university. Upon leaving the university in 1999, they share their common interest by establishing JustExplore.  The idea begins as a hobby but eventually becomes an entrepreneurial activity.

Mohd Rizal who was born, raised and now reside within Taman Negara has contributed excellent ideas and shows how we can help our clients getting the best in exploring Taman Negara.

Azrul’s leadership has been recognized since he was at the university. Under his leadership, he organized many outdoor projects including Gunung Tahan and Gunung Kinabalu climbing. His leadership and experience in trekking and mount climbing help a lot to organize any sizes of group and activities in Taman Negara.

In 2009, JustExplore is established as a business entity. It’s known as Justexplore Travel.  One of the company owners is Zahari Sharit, an experienced entrepreneur. Under his leadership, we made many improvements on the business models, building new networking, and instilled customer’s satisfaction as our top policy.

Taman Negara attracts many interests from international and local travelers. One of our customer’s difficulties is to make payment. In 2010, we adopted PayPal online payment gateway – first travel agents in Taman Negara using the system. Today, we are one of the merchants who subscribe the most of PayPal transactions in Malaysia.

Beside individual or Free Independent Travelers, we provide full board services for groups. They are from NGOs, Schools, Universities, Government Departments and Corporates.  Among our clients are Universiti Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia, Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan Malaysia, Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia, SapuraCrest, Affin Bank, MATTEL, TESCO, and PETRONAS, just to name a few.

Our establishment complies with the regulation set by Malaysian government. We are a registered company with Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia with registration no KPL/LN 7158. And also an active member of Malaysian Association of Tour And Travel Agents (MATTA), with membership number MA4316.

Until today, we focus on Eco Tourism sector in Malaysia. We believe the beauty in the rainforest should be shared and no one should miss the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the nature.

Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia
License No. KPN/LN 7158

Membership No: MA 4316